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Rogue – Imperial Stout

Also in a nifty ceramic bottle, this pricey offering from Rogue is my be well worth it coming in at 750 ml for around $15 or so. This bottle, though I bought it last week, is actually of a 2007 vintage. I’m unsure if there are any releases after that, though I would hope they’d brew this again.

This pours out of the ceramic bottle (which seems perfect for home brewing with its resealable top…) a dark, viscous black. The head lazily rose through the beer as if it were fighting through molasses. The smell was of a sweet maltiness and had a depth and darkness that I haven’t found in a while. It reminded me almost of the smell of an oatmeal stout.
The taste was thick, heavy and slightly bitter, with enough of an undertone of sweetness to make me happy. This is a classic imperial stout, and well done at that. This doesn’t taste overpoweringly alcoholic either though it does come in at 11% ABV. It is described as tasting better after a year (and in this case two years) of aging, and I would have to agree, though I did not have the privilege to try this straight off the tap. 


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  1. The Beertender

    Hi, yes they continue to brew the xs russian imperial stout. i have a couple of cases of their 2008 batch here in Manila. I love my Rogues as well.


    Jim Araneta

  2. lemasney

    I absolutely love Rogue’s brews, but have balked at the price of the XLs. There is a discount on most of the 2007s locally, so I’m about to invest. I’m always surprised when a high ABV brew is discounted over time, since it only has a mellowing effect. Cheers!

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