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Smuttynose – Star Island Single

Its been a while since I picked something based on its label image, but I was caught by surprise when I saw this at my local beer store. A faux mermaid in a red wig holding a goblet of beer? A session ale “brewed with spice”? It was just enough for me to pick up a few for tasting.

This one is a hazy amber orange, and has a strange, plastic like smell. It is something that I suspect is coming from the spices, but its an odd aroma to be drifting up from a brew. Undeterred, I decided to drink it anyway. I was also surprised to notice a bit of sediment in the bottom of my glass, not something I would have expected from a session brew.
The taste is of a gently spiced pale ale. Its almost like an Oktoberfest or a marzen. I like the spices they’ve used, but I’m honestly not sure if I’d drink this one in the summer or not. It seems a bit different, a bit forced.
Though it is good to have a tasty session brew to help satisfy your craving, this might not be the best choice. Though, if it were in a bar, I’d chose it because it was local and decent.


Sam Adams Imperial White


San Diego, CA Beer Adventure- Coronado Brewing Company


  1. Holliferous

    Hey…that is NOT a WIG…it’s for realzie hair…just colored a little extra red. The “mermaid” a singer in a band and just a skosh excentric!

  2. Parched No More

    We reviewed this beer recently also and found its flavor to be less than satisfying. However, with the addition of a “secret” ingredient, this beer was much more palatable.

  3. The Beer Babe

    That’s wicked cool – thanks for sharing the link to the real mermaid!

  4. Wörtwurst

    Mermaid juice! Label art always hooks me in. Apparently this chick ( is the mermaid. How lucky is she?

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