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Sam Adams Imperial White

So after being pleasantly surprised by the Sam Adams Imperial Double Bock, I decided to satisfy my curiosity by grabbing a four pack of Sam Adams Imperial White. I searched around for what would classify something as an imperial white, and couldn’t find anything substantial. I did notice, however, that this was a 10+ % ABV brewing which Sam Adams usually reserves only for special occasions (Utopias anyone?).

I poured it into a tulip glass and it was a slightly hazy yellow to amber color, with a respectable amount of head and a very malty wheaty smell. It smells bready and yeasty, almost like a Belgian, which surprised me a lot. I don’t know why I was expecting this one to be weak in flavor, but the smell didn’t seem to point towards weakness at all.
The taste is surprisingly malty with a lot of wheaty backbone. I like that you can taste the yeast here, and its a pleasant surprise from Sam Adams. I like, too, that as it warms it brings out into the forefront a bit more of its citrusy taste. This one is definitely not something to be served cold. It has almost a spicy component and a slight hint of citrus. 
Very high quality, in my opinion, and I wish I could find this on tap or even in a bottle in some of my favorite restaurants, because this would go very well with a nice dinner (without costing a fortune). The four packs retail around $9.00, which makes each beer a little more than $2.00. A lot cheaper than most specialty beers at a bar and of a good quality, too. I’ll be honest, this is a great beer for a dinner party, where you want to have good beer but not spend tons on something Belgian. 


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  1. Greg

    I agree with your review. The Imperial Double Bock is a great brew. The Imperial White is certainly not a pansy’s beer. For some reason the spicy after-taste reminds me of Christmas. It does go very well with various dinners.

    I will have to try my next one warm to see what flavor it brings out.

  2. Ralph

    I agree with Tim Rossi, this is a poor beer with high alcohol content. Unfortunately a big beer with bad taste doesn’t make a drinkable beer. I couldn’t even finish one

  3. Tim Rossi

    I humbly disagree. I am trying to choke this down right now and failing. All in the taste.

  4. Lee

    If you like heavy hops, try their Hallertau Imperial Pilsner. It’s magnificent.

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