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Sam Adams Imperial Series – Double Bock

Some of you may recall my polite yet honest assement of Sam Adams triple bock, which has not taken well to the aging process, and is described by many who have sampled it as “soy sauce like.” 

So, understandably, when I saw that one of the new Imperial Series by Sam Adams was a new version of their Double Bock, I hesitated. Their original double bock was woody, with lots of alcohol bite and malt. So why make it imperial at all? But I shrugged and decided that, after all, I’ll try anything.

The double bock poured a beautiful rich red brown to black. When held up to the light it was a beautiful rich garnet – gorgeous! The smell was thickly of malt, some astringent alcohol but not as much as its non-imperial predecesor (oddly enough). The smell is great when not totally cold
The taste, too, comes out best when slightly warmed. The taste is smooth and balanced, a bit more so than the non-imperial version, which was sharper. This one has little carbonation, and a very smooth finish. It tasted a bit raisiny and somewhat thick, both were very good things. 
Also in the imperial series are the white and stout, which I haven’t yet tried. I’m curious to try an imperial white, becuase I don’t think I’ve ever had one. 


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  1. Scott-TheBrewClub

    I’ve heard some folks were buying these beers to cellar for awhile.

    Based on your experience with the Double Bock, do you think ‘have some now and save some for later’ is a good idea?

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