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Rogue – Captain Sig’s Deadliest Ale

I don’t watch a ton of television, but when I do, I linger on TLC, Food Network, Discovery and other channels that occasionally teach me things. (Though I’m a huge closet fan of Project Runway, don’t tell anyone!)

One of the shows I do enjoy is The Deadliest Catch about the crazy dangerous job of fishing for king crab in Alaska. So, when I saw one of the boat captains, Sig Hansen, on a label under the word Rogue I got pretty excited. The label features a picture of Sig himself, with his boat the Northwestern in the background. 

The beer pours a cloudy copper, which I should have expected but didn’t. I thought it might be lighter, more “common man” ale, but this seems to be something interesting pouring out of this bottle. I can smell a nice citrus hop make its way to my nose. It doesn’t quite have the level of hop aroma as a strong IPA, but its definitely not weak.

The taste could be characterized as a hoppy red ale. Just a little bit of malt comes out in the end, making this really pleasant to drink. The hops take center stage but finish up nicely. All in all this isn’t something that leaps out at me as being radically different than most other beers, but it does have a good hop flavor that people bored with American ales will dig a lot. According to Rogue it was also meant to be paired with seafood, specifically shellfish like crab (yummy). Not having the budget for king crab, I can’t verify that the pairing is as devine as promised, but it is worth trying.

Upon reading the label I was also delighted to discover that a portion of the proceeds from the brew will be given to the Fisherman’s Fund, a non-profit foundation established by the Hansen families that benefits various Northwest charities. So, if you’re planning a sea food dinner, need a beer to pair with your crab cakes, and want to do some good in the process, then this brew’s for you.


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  1. Deano

    This is cool interesting beer and sounds like a good every day drinker 🙂 I will try to find this at bevmo 🙂

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