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Dogfish Head – World Wide Stout

Though the availability of Dogfish Head beer is pretty good up in the northeast, I’ve always had trouble getting a hold of some of the rarer beers. I missed out on Theobroma, and I have been unable to get my hands on some World Wide Stout in the last two releases. I thought I was close this year, but the place I was hooked up with supposedly got shafted by their distributor and never got the cases of it they were supposed to. I was saddened that I’d be missing out on the beer once again. But on a recent visit to some friends in Chelmsford, MA, it was staring at me on a shelf at a local beer/liquor store. 

This one pours an opaque thick black with a thin chocolate milk colored head. It smells like molasses, vanilla, malt. It doesn’t have the stingy alcohol smell but instead a subtle bourbon-ish undertone. And honestly, if I didn’t smell alcohol at all, I’d be concerned, considering on average this beer comes in at more than 18%abv. (Not one to be chugged, for sure.)
The taste of this is heavy, but delicious. It is one of those fabulous things that is hard to describe as it dances around the tongue. The malts have done their job to make this thick and roasty, without any bitterness at all. Somewhat sweet, the malts work really well to make this as smooth as silk. There is no sting from the alcohol, just a bit of warmth to remind you its there. 
It also leaves kind of a sticky feeling in your mouth after you’ve swallowed, a thin coating of the wonderfulness of this beer left on the palate after every sip. Not a bad thing, but an interesting quality. (I have a feeling if you kissed someone after taking a sip of this, they’d be able to sample the goodness of it from your lips)
This has made its way on the list as being one of the more memorable things I’ve tried as of late. I only wish I could get my hands on it more often. I’ve been told, as well, that this is one that ages well, with lots of potential after a year or two. I have to other bottles of this, one I’ll most likely consume, and the other might find its way to my closet, which houses a few select beers to age (including my recently purchased Kate the Great from the Portsmouth Brewery). 
Get it if you can, and enjoy it thoroughly if you do. 


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  1. notg

    great review BB. I think you are spot on about the bourbonesque nature of the beer. It seems to occupy a beautiful space between a beer and a good liquor. I’m a huge fan!

    I was pretty lucky to find one on the shelf of a corner grocer when I visited NYC a year ago. If I’d had any sense about me I would have grabbed several.

  2. darknova306

    I had issues getting the Worldwide Stout once I moved out here to Rochester a couple years ago. It took a year and a half before they finally started stocking it in the city again. Apparently the distributor that works this part of the state has been really shifty, but the beer store I go to finally switched to a different one. This is one of my top beers, no doubt about it.

  3. Mark

    Sounds awesome, I’m desperate for DFH to come over to England so I can try them!!

  4. Ray

    I definitely recommend storing a few away for a couple of years if you can resist the temptation. It only gets better with a little age.

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