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Allagsh – Four

“Four hops, four malts, fermented four times,” says the label. “Sounds delicious,” says the Beer Babe.

Allagash is one of those breweries that started out brewing things that no one else in the area was brewing. Picking wit biers ad Belgians in a session-beer and ale-driven area was risky, but they came out of the gate producing quality brews which have spread due to their quality, taste and audacity. Not “extreme” like Dogfish Head, nor certifiably insane like Weyerbacher, Allgash seems to have distinguished itself by being refined.
This beer seems to be no exception. It is technically a quad (since it is fermented four times) and would be in the Belgian style since they’re using Belgian yeasts.
A gold trimmed black paper label, a real cork held on by gold wire give you the impression that this beer isn’t a casual backyard barbecue brew. I poured it into a tulip glass and admired its mahogany color and slight cloudiness. Its smell? The yeasty, wheaty smell of a great quad. It has a sweetness and a tiny bit of of that sour scent that comes from the yeast I think.
The taste is quite good, especially if you don’t drink it ice cold. It has this kind of warmth that comes from having so much in the brew. The malts and hops and yeast all just come together for a slightly sweet, slightly tart quad. If you like the taste  of Belgian beers, here’s one from Maine that is not something you should pass by.


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  1. techcommdood

    I really enjoy Allagash’s beers, but haven’t seen this one yet. Sounds like one to look for!

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