Still on my resolution list for 2009 is to visit Pennichuck in person, since they’re in a town no less than an hour away from me and I’ve never been there. But short of that, I can always get their beer one mile away at Smiley’s Beverage in Dover, so I get to live vicariously through them. 

This one has one of the nicest designed labels I’ve seen come from Pennichuck – a flame background and a simple black silhouette of a firefighter. Very nicely composed, and effective. 
I poured it out and got some nice creamy head, and a whiff of malts. It smelled light, not heavy, and I was eager to try it. 
I liked the taste of this a lot. It was a porter that was not thick or syrupy, but had the mouth feel of a brown ale. There was a very nice chocolate taste that followed the light maltiness, and I liked that it seemed to go very well with the taste of the whole brew. There are some chocolate stouts and porters that I’ve tried where the chocolate seems like an afterthought, and this was certainly not the case here. Additionally, I didn’t get that “instant hot cocoa mix” artificial taste that sometimes plagues these types of beer. 
Also, if you’re into chocolate stouts and chocolate porters, this is an incredibly affordable alternative to Sam Adam’s Chocolate Bock or Rogue’s Chocolate Stout. Again I am impressed by this small-ish New Hampshire brewery, and I think that this one in particular is a represenation of their quality. Great job guys!