It has been snowing all day. Steadily, constantly, and with huge fat flakes. When it all wrapped up tonight, close to two feet of the white stuff has been added to our already heaping amounts that fell this winter. Seems the perfect still evening for a Nor’easter Ale from Legacy. 

The beer pours “wicked” dark, and smells of mocha, coffee and roasted malts. The head resembles strong chocolate milk in color, and the smell reaches your nose before you lean down to the glass. It is sharp and strong smelling, and hopefully a sign of good things to be. I don’t detect much of the oatmeal in this oatmeal stout, but I’m not put off by that.
The taste is certainly one to warm up a frozen New Englander. The taste is strongly of roasty malt and coffee. It is a tad more on the bitter scale than other stouts, and it has a bit of sharpness on the tongue. That being said, I still enjoyed the brew. This is one to end the night with, to cuddle up with by the fire (if only I had a fire…) and watch it snow. Aptly named, the Nor’easter is a good winter brewing. 
This isn’t one, though, for people who “don’t like dark beer.” It does have that familiar bitter taste that most people will find a little too much. But, if you’re a fan of nice oatmeal stouts with a little bite, this one is for you.