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He’Brew The Chosen Beer – Origin Pomegranate Ale (Schmaltz Brewing Co.)

Another one that I’ve picked up from Schmaltz Brewing Company, this has a beautiful label featuring a stylized pomegranate plant with great coloration and design. It also features a great rundown of the history and culture of the pomegranate not only in Jewish history but in other cultures as well:

In Jewish tradition, pomegranates symbolize righteousness, with seeds said to number 613, the total commandments in Torah. In deut. 8:8, pomegranates, barley and wheat prove the bounty of the Land of Milk and Honey. The calyx atop the fruit inspired the original Jewish crown. One Persian hero of myth consumed a pomegranate and became invincible. Mohammad instructed : “Eat the pomegranate, for it purges the system of envy and hatred.” Newlywed Greeks eager for a family crush one under heel for fertility. Buddha cured a child-devouring deomoness of her evil habit by instructing her to eat a pomegranate. Whether for knowledge or temptation, for virtue or valor, for art or for love, revel in the sumptuous pleasures of Origin.

I have to say that I didn’t know much about the pomegranate before writing this review, though I do enjoy the occasional glass of pomegranate cranberry juice. The pomegranate is something that adds a tartness without being sour, and is difficult to describe. I hope I can pick it up when I taste this.
The Origin pours a cloudy reddish mahogany. The smell is faint, but pleasant of a little bit of hops and some malts. I like that I’m not getting hit with strong bitterness or sourness from the pomegranates, because the last thing that I’d want is something that hits like a Sam Adams Cranberry Lambic. 
This is a nice one. Its a little tart, but not fruity, a little sour but not like a lambic. Its hard to pick out what it is about this beer’s taste that’s addicting. Its certainly drinkable, and they picked a good ale to pair with the pomegranate. Its mouth feel doesn’t have a ton of carbonation, but is instead thicker and smooth on the tongue. I like that it has a tiny bite of bubbles on the tongue at first tip, then yields to the luscious amber ale as you swish it around your mouth.
I like this, and I would order it to go with a nice meal with family, or at the start of a new job, a new year. I’d even venture that it would taste great with something salty, like fried pickles (hey, it’s my new favorite bar food). 
On another note, I wish I had another bottle so I could send it to Jon Stewart to drink. I have a feeling that he’d like it. 


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  1. B.E. Earl

    I love this beer and this brewery.

    Had it for the first time a few months ago, but haven’t had it since. Sooo many good brews out there.

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