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Harpoon – Baltic Porter – Leviathan Series

I like the label for the leviathan series. It looks like a zoomed in, scary picture of a beastie lurking in the deep. Very scary. The brew, however, isn’t scary, and it only wields a 9.5% ABV, so it shouldn’t hammer your head to the sidewalk like something at 11 or 12%.

The label says that it contains “Dark fruit and bittersweet chocolate notes meld into a spicy finish of this hearty beer made with de-husked roasted malts and a lager yeast.” I wonder what a dark fruit is as I uncap and pour it.

It pours into the glass not opaque, but held up to light glows dark red, like the eyes of the beast on the label. The smell is an interesting one. Smells like roasted malts and, a hint of black cherry? Not sure what it is but there’s something not beery about the smell, and I like it. It has a nice head, too, and the aroma is addicting.
The taste is exceptional. A smooth blend of chocolaty, roasty porterness. Its complex, but really very smooth. No bitterness here at all, this is a beautiful example of a dark beer. Not coffee like, but slightly sweet and toasty. I’d drink this on a cold night, I’d drink it with a beef roast and potatoes. Well done, very well done.


I’m Here for the Beer!


Harpoon – Catamount Maple Wheat (signature series #26)

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  1. Bob

    Nice review. I always see the ads for this porter in beeradvocate and I’ve been meaning to give it a try.

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