Strawberry beer. Let me say that again, slowly.


I am not sure if I’m ready for this. Somehow it seems wrong that I’m having this in February, and secondly, I’m all for blueberries (their tartness goes with the bitterness very well) and pumpkin (the spiciness goes well with fall ales) and even ginger (which brightens up a beer). But strawberry for the sake of strawberry, the sweetness… I dunno. But not one to be afraid of trying a brew, I will dive in for the sake of my readers. 
I poured it and was happy to see that it was a copper color, with a bit of head. The smell of it reminds me of the freeze-dried strawberries in Special-K cereal. Interesting.
The taste of this one is hard to describe. There are strawberries obviously. But the sweetness isn’t nauseating, as I feared it might be. Its the strawberry taste on the end of the taste, that lingers on my lips and reminds me of lip gloss. 

I’m not hating it, but I could almost see myself drinking this on a hot summer night during a fourth of July parade while eating one of those flag cakes that every mom in America seems to know how to make.
Not a lot of others do strawberry beers and its a risk as a brewery. But if you’re the only one that makes a good strawberry beer, you’ve won already. Perhaps it something of a southern taste (being a Carolina Brewing Company beer and all) to have the sweetness of strawberries with beer. Either way, its certainly a new taste for me. And not a bad one at that.