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Online Beer Adventure – Twitter Taste Live

Last night I participated in a live online tasting called “Twitter Taste Live” featuring four Trappist Belgian beers which we tasted and discussed over twitter. (Any of my followers who were confused by the #ttl after every posting – that’s what we were talking about). Despite a few glitches on my part (I really need a second fridge to set to cellar temp…) I enjoyed the experience thoroughly, and made some new friends in the process. 

I think the idea of a live online tasting is a valid and brilliant one. Its difficult for me to find people who have the knowledge and interest level to really discuss a beer together beyond the typical response of, “Oh, I tried that it was nice.” 
One of my favorite things to do when at a bar or brewpub is to slide a glass around the table saying “ooh, try this!!” So to have a time when, across many different locations, people are all discussing the same bottle of beer, there are opportunities for great insights. I got great suggestions for foods to pair with the beer, other beers that I would enjoy if I was enjoying that particular beer. 
It wasn’t pretentious either (with a lot of side joking and suggestions that bacon pairs with anything) and made me feel like I was sitting in the back corner of a pub with some friends just talking about what we were drinking.  I also feel like I made some connections what I might use in the future, and have added several people to the army of beer twitterers I’m following. I was also suprised that there were a fair share of women tweeting about beer during the tasting – something I’m always happy to see.
We caused a bit of a stir on twitter, actually, and became the most popular thing talked about for an hour or so (beating out Obama two days before his inauguration!). There was a little backlash of users complaining that it was overwhelming them with tweets, and some unfollowing may have ensued. I have no hard feelings if that happened,  but if you’ve been following me on twitter at all, I was talking about this event for weeks before it happened. I’ll be doing it again, too, so consider yourself warned. Or better yet, join in next time!
Overall, I had a great experience tasting beers that I am not too familiar with, and talking to others that had a range of experiences and tastes. There were some wine people crossing over, too, which is also a great sign of harmony and unity. There’s just something about beer that can bring people together, and this event was a shining example of that. Great job guys, keep up the good work!


Stone – Old Guardian Barleywine


Avery Brewing Company – The Beast Grand Cru Ale


  1. lemasney

    Really wish I could have been on at the time. As it was I would only have had the Chimay. Glad to see it was well attended, and hoping to make the next one.

  2. Chipper Dave

    I slept well last night after the TTL session. Was a fun time and hope to participate in that again.

  3. The Beer Babe

    I’d also like to add the the ideal setting for this is a few friends in a livingroom with one person tweeting their ideas. I enjoyed, too, that after drinking several hefty Belgians, my commute to my bed was only a few steps away.

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