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Middle Ages Brewing Company – Dragon Slayer Imperial Stout

Not only is this an Imperial Stout, its a Russian Imperial Stout. So this brew with the cool name has the added bonus of bringing coffee and chocolaty tastes to the table in addition to being dark and deep. 

I first bought this for a friend who loves dragons, because the label is quite cool. Made by my hometown brewery, Middle Ages, this is one of several named in middle ages themes (like Wailing Wench). I picked this up because I wanted to try it for myself and its been in my fridge for a little while.

This one pours an opaque black with a lot of bubbly, cola-like head that breaks down into bigger and bigger bubbles as they pop. Cool, but requires a little patience to pour into a regular glass! 
The taste, though, worth the wait. Like the bitter coffee notes in the aroma of this brew, this one has a beautiful palate of complex flavors. Its complex and earthy, everything a Russian Imperial Stout should be. It is even a little bit smoky and roasty, and a few hops even come through – an added surprise. Even the guys on beer advocate loved it, which for something in such a small brewery, is a good thing.


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  1. Matt

    I think I may have to try this one… I love dragons and bitters are just wonderful sometimes

  2. The Grand Panjandrum

    The for the review I will seek it out and give it a try this cold NH weekend.

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