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Homebrewing adventures : potty talk

So, I made my first step towards becoming a homebrewer today. I went and scoured my house to see what I had hanging around for equipment. 

“I have a stockpot big enough!” I said to myself. And after pawing through the kitchen cabinet that I never use and coming up dusty… and empty handed… I realized that I was totally wrong. I have no idea how I survived cooking spaghetti and meatballs in something so small all these years, but I digress. So, even if I was going to look at beer kits or complie the rest of my equipment, I was going to have to invest in the most basic of things… a pot.
I have now ordered a shiny new pot, which I will be recieving on my doorstep in several days. In the meantime, I’m going to be debating the relative merits of several different beer kits and supplies, whether to scrounge and gather my materials or buy them in one fell swoop, and finally what recipe I’d like to start with (including whether or not to use malt extract). ‘
With the choices that lie ahead, I also have a lot of excitement! Stay tuned for more updates!
Any suggestions welcome, send them to 


Sam Adams – Double & Triple Bocks


Stone – Old Guardian Barleywine


  1. ben

    Beware, if you are going right to all grain you will need more equipment than you do brewing with extracts. I would recommend brewing with extracts a few time before making the jump. Some people will tell you that you can’t make good extract beer but I disagree. Good luck!

  2. Chipper Dave

    Grats on getting into homebrewing. Finally got back into it myself last week and have a 5 gallon batch of porter fermenting now. Find yourself a decent fermenting vessel, whether it be a food grade tub, or a glass carboy or a better bottle. Or you can go all out and buy a nice stainless steel one. Keep us posted on your progress. Planning is part of the fun!

  3. 'chuck

    Good Luck, it is an addictive hobby, look where it got me!

  4. Travis

    I just started homebrewing a few months back. It is amazingly addicting. Check out They have tons of supplies, ingredients, you name it.

  5. Anonymous

    Here is a great simple recipe I strongly suggest for an extract batch.
    There are alot of FAQ’s in this link that will help you to brew a great Pale Ale.

  6. Matt

    I just recently got a kit, myself. Are you planning on starting with extract?

    If you don’t have a home brewing book “How to Brew” by John Palmer has been a great teacher.

    I have yet to start my first batch, but give it another month…

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