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Carolina Brewing Company – Cottonwood Endo IPA

On a trip back from Florida, Mike’s parents brought us a few offerings from the Carolina Brewing Company, and this is the first of them that I’ll be reviewing. The labels are colorful and boldly colored, and the endo features a bearded man holding an open stein in one hand, a bunch of wheat in the other, and wearing what appears to be a bicycle helmet. Why? In mountain biking terms, to “endo” means to crash in such a manner that you flip over the handlebars, and it became a metaphor for going “over the top” with their hops.

I poured this one out and was initially excited to see its cloudiness, and the color which suspiciously resembled a Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA. There is some sediment in the bottle, which I also like, and it smells like the warmth of hops pulling through a nice malty backbone. The hops smell wasn’t too strong, though, and I began to doubt that this would really taste like they’ve been “over the top” with their hops.
Tasting gave me an unexpected surprise. Not bitter but… sweet? It was yeasty and sweet, with a nice smooth hop taste. It was incredibly drinkable, and soft – not sharp. I could have several of these partying in the Carolinas with no complaints at all (anyone have a beach house they’d like to invite me over to?).
This is a fabulous introductory IPA for novices, actually. It isn’t lacking in flavor so it’s still completely worth tasting – and would be great to introduce someone to what a good IPA can taste like. I shall remember it the next time I venture below the Mason-Dixon line.


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  1. Ct Stockula

    Haha. Didn’t know what to expect with a name like that. “Endo” is short for Endoscopy in the medical field.

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