I’ll admit that I have no idea when I bought this, or where. But its dark goodness has been taunting me each time I open my beer fridge. Tonight the temperature outside is supposed to “rapidly plummet” into the single digits, freezing everything in its wake without discretion. An oatmeal stout seems like just the thing to warm my insides. 

I poured this into a tall glass and almost made a fatal mistake. The head rose up quickly and nearly brimmed over – saved only by my immediate action of sipping the head off the top until it no longer threatened to spill. I saved it, waited for the head to subside a little, and poured the rest of the beer into the glass. I am proud to say not a drop was lost to my error. 
This beer is the color of opaque cola and the head which threatened to overwhelm me was a chocolaty brown. The smell was that of chocolate and malt, with a little smoke folded in. It doesn’t smell bitter, which is a definite plus. The taste is a combination of malt and chocolaty notes. I think that the oatmeal has removed some of the traditional sting, and it finishes with a really pleasant smoky/roasty flavor. I like this. 
The Belfast Brewery itself only brews/distributes two beers, the McGovern Oatmeal Stout (named, incidentally, not after a famous president, but after Dan McGovern their brewer) and the Lobster Ale. Don’t worry, it isn’t made with lobster, but is a hoppy red ale that pairs well with a summer meal of lobster, sweet corn and chowder. 
The McGovern Oatmeal Stout is perhaps an example of what a brewery can do if it focuses on one or two great beers, instead of brewing 5 average ones. Yet another great thing to come out of Maine, the Oatmeal Stout is worth a taste should you ever catch it.