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What do you get a beer geek for Christmas?

The question comes up to me every once and a while. There are a few avenues to take here. First, there’s the book option. There are a lot of great books on brewing, beer, and stories about how the breweries got where they are. I’d recommend you stay away from the Michael Jackson’s Guides to beer, only because your beloved beer geek probably already has them. 

But here are some recent titles that they might get a kick out of:

Grape vs. Grain: A Historical, Technological, and Social Comparison of Wine and Beer I like this one because it talks a lot about the history of wine and beer brewing, and makes really good comparisons and interesting insights into both industries. If you know a wine person who’s slowly entering the beer world, this is a book for them.

He Said Beer, She Said Wine: Impassioned Food Pairings to Debate and Enjoy – From Burgers to Brie and Beyond
This is a great conversation starter not just for couples, but for friends that may disagree about wine and beer pairings. Its laid out so that each food can spark a debate or at least a conversation, between beer and wine aficionados. Plus, its written by the owner of Dogfish Head, so it has a unique style all its own.

Brewing Up a Business: Adventures in Entrepreneurship from the Founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Lets face it, sometimes you want to stop talking about beer itself and hear a good story. This is a great trip through the creation of the Dogfish Head brewery, and its an easy enjoyable read.

Non-book options:

You could, also, get a cute beer-themed shirt from Zazzle.

On the other hand, there’s the beer geek that has everything, brews their own stuff, and you have no idea what’s left to get them. One of my favorite websites is, a place that sells only hand made crafty things. This may sound like a website for girls, but there are a lot of great ideas and creative things on there for any beer geek. I picked out nine neat items that came up when I searched for ‘beer’ on the site. From shirts with hops on them, to soap made from Guiness, to Dogfish Head cuff links, this is a fun adventure. Get your geek something unique this year. I guarantee they don’t already have any of these.


Samuel Adams – Choclate Bock


Coney Island – Albino Python


  1. vgrid

    I think the coolest thing would be the Beer Tasting Kit. That’s what I’d want for a present.

  2. The Beer Wench

    I loved Sam’s book “Brewing Up a Business” and really really want to read “He said Beer, She said Wine.” I think I will give it to myself for Christmas … seeing as I have no friends and my family doesn’t do the present thing anymore!

    Great post! I want it all!

  3. cwylie0

    i’ll have to forward these items to my relatives who haven’t bought me anything yet.

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