Quebec is one of those places with a rich history of revolution and general attitude of “you can’t make me!” Celebrating the 400 year anniversary of Samuel de Champlain’s founding of the provence of Quebec (and Quebec City) this brew is a tribute to their strategy  – Kebec literally means “place where the river narrows” and it is a great strategic position if you’re going to fend off people attacking you by water. And to have a city with a 400 year history is awesome in and of itself.

Falling under the category of “This has been in my fridge for far too long” I had to open this one up despite not having anything 400-ish to celebrate. It isn’t a special day, I didn’t win the lotto, didn’t graduate grad school, didn’t get engaged, didn’t do anything worthy of such a commemorative beer. But, alas, it was time to face the music and give in to taste, lest I accidentally age it any longer.

This brew, is also awesome by itself. It is an ale on lees, and pours a cloudy pale yellow with only a limited head. The aroma coming off this delicious beer is like that of a citrus infused white ale, a wheaty belgian with tons of complexity. 
The taste is delicious, and make sure to swirl the bottle to get a little bit of sediment. Its slightly spicy, but not nearly as punchy as Maudite, and not as heavy as La Terrible, but with a familiar Unibroue taste of yeast. The taste is smooth, warm and sweet, with a great finish and feel. This one warms and has a 7.5% ABV, and appears to be a limited release for 2008 only, and is of the same quality as their other brews. I have to admit that as the glass warmed, it yielded up even more wonderful flavors as it warmed. Don’t serve this one chilled (like a Quebec winter) or you’ll be missing a whole other side of the beer.