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Southern Star – Pine Belt Pale Ale

Sometimes, having friends is good. Especially if those friends decide to send you their tasty home brewed creations, and a taste of something from a region far from my wintry New England home: Texas. Preston Brown of was nice enough to send me some along with his own brewings which were also delicious. Thanks Preston! 

The Pine Belt Pale Ale comes in a can, but I wasn’t worried. The beer arrived to me cold – not sure if that was the non-temperature-controlled mail trucks driving through the cold northeast winter, but it was a great treat. I don’t fear cans, because there’s a debate in the beer community raging about whether or not they actually taste better or preserve beer longer than bottles. But I’ll let the verdict hold pending further review. My main problem with cans is – I don’t think I’ve ever poured a canned beer into a glass before. My attempts were actually quite embarrassingly messy with a bit of dribble running down the can side and not in my glass. 

Once I got (most of) the beer in the glass, I paused to look at it. It was cloudy, with a little sediment, and I was surprised by this. I think this is because of my lack of can experience – I expected something clear and yellow. Heh. The result though was much more pleasing than I could have expected. The hop scent and slightly citrus/grassy aroma was very nice. It laced slightly after giving a thin head. The taste was that of a light and airy IPA, a very pleasant and malty brewing. This was a treat, and I can only hope that I can someday get it again.


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  1. Jon Beckham

    Cans leave a lot of tinny taste in a beer, unless the beer is just so ridiculously huge that the metallic flavor’s lost in a sea of everything else. The stuff from Oskar Blues skates this line reasonably well, but I can definitely taste the can when comparing even the Ten Fidy (their gigantic imperial stout) between a can and a keg.

    Cans have their place, though: in my backpack when I’m in the woods for a weekend.

    Thanks for the continued interesting reviews! When you’re passing through SF on your fantastic voyage I can show you some excellent places to get extremely interesting beers!

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