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Keegan Ales Hurricane Kitty

A copper IPA? Interesting, says the beer babe, interesting. I picked this one up in Albany at Oliver’s, and honestly I hadn’t ever heard of Keegan Ales, but being that they were from Hudson Valley I figured that I should familiarize myself with another brewery from my home state of New York. 

Kingston NY is located partway down the Hudson river in New York, south of Albany and north of NYC. According to their website, Hurricane Kitty is named after owner Tom Keegan’s grandmother who had a tendency to speed her six grandchildren around a bit too much – gaining some notoriety with local police in Kingston. This one is brewed to “make the hop bill read as aggressively as her driving record.” Hehe
This pours a cloudy copper with a thick off-white head that stays quite a while. The smell is of rich hops and sweetness. The depth of the smell is interesting, and its a heavy hops smell instead of a pointy light one. For an IPA, this turns out to be quite drinkable. The hops still dry out your taste buds a little, but its not harsh. Its a pleasant IPA, perhaps not as mean as Grandma Kitty’s driving habits, but still a solid brew from this small brewery. I especially like the smoothness of the swallow. It is a friendly IPA with all the right tastes – the grassy hops, the little hit of malt, the nice sweet under notes
Keegan Ales also makes a milk stout that I’m eager to find, to see what their take on a non IPA is. I hear, to, that they’ve taken to aging Kitty and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want some. 


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  1. The Grand Panjandrum

    How would you compare the hops in this beer to that of say something like Smuttynose IPA. I am quite fond of it find its hoppiness(?) quite refreshing.

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