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Harpoon – Rauchfetzen

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get really excited when I saw this beer. Its been hard getting all the Harpoon 100 Barrel series in order (this one is 25) but its been fun trying to find them. When I saw that this was a Rauchfetzen (roasted smoky malts i.e. Rogue Smoke Ale & Fort Collins Z) I broke into a huge grin. So when I was trying to decide what to taste today, though there are things that have been sitting around longer, this one got to cut in line.

It pours a really interesting color. Its almost a singed amber color. Like an amber was contaminated by a darker color seeping in. It isn’t rich and mahogany, but is instead a tainted yellowy orange. Cool. The head is tiny and goes fast, but the smell is a combination of the malts and the outside of a piece of smoked Gouda cheese. Yes, that’s obscure. But its hard for me to put it any other way… it smells smoky and smooth. Like a good jazz bar.
The taste is strong, it packs a really decent wallop of taste all at once. I would love to cook with this. It is tasty and has a light backbone so it isn’t extremely heavy. It is also not sharply bitter, but very gentle on the tongue while still packing a lot of flavor. The taste that it leaves in your mouth after swallowing is just as nice as the taste while trying it. It is savory, bready, spicy, warm and very nice. I am thoroughly enjoying this beer, I wish this was a year-round brewing. Harpoon has found a winner in this one.
I bet it would be amazing with bacon wrapped scallops or salt-pork laced fish chowder. And I have to admit, after writing that, I’m hungry for both!


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  1. Midcoaster

    I picked one of these up about a month ago, and it tasted like bandaids. When I went back to get another bottle, they were sold out. Ever since I’ve been keeping my eye out.

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