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Victory Golden Monkey (Tripel)

Not in the mood for hoppiness tonight, I felt my hand magically drawn towards the monkey-buddha on the label. 

This one pours a nice golden color with a warm wheaty and fruity (bananas?) sweetness in its scent. Just what I wanted on this night. It pours thick with a white head, a few straggling bubbles coming to the surface minutes after pouring has stopped. 
The taste is spicy, smooth and thick, with a taste that shoots up your nose while you’re drinking it. I know that sounds dumb, but I can smell it even more as I swallow. It is a tripel through and through, and a really pleasant representation of one.  Its delightful to imagine drinking this with banana creme pie, or something else that is rich in its sweetness. (Creme brulee?)
This is a treat, and I know its a little difficult to get around here (Thanks Tully’s) but I’ll be seeking it out again.

Interestingly enough, I accidentally found that Golden Monkeys are actually an adorable, yet endangered species. Should you be moved by their cute little blue faces, you can read all about them at The Nature Conservancy’s page on them.
Also, for all you Victory fans out there who insisted, yes, I have gotten my little mitts on some Hop Devil, and you’ll be seeing a review from me soon, the next time I get in the mood for something hoppy.


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  1. impymalting

    Oh man those monkeys are too pretty/cute/amazing….

    Also really enjoying your blog– it’s making me wistful for American beers.

  2. B.E. Earl

    Golden Monkey…feh. It’s exactly the kind of sickly sweet beer that I try to stay away from. I love most of the beers from Victory, but this one doesn’t do it for me.

    Sidenote: My girlfriend participated in Victory’s Master Brewer program a couple of months ago. She said the Victory Brewery in Downingtown, PA is her favorite that she has visited thus far.

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