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Samuel Adams – Choclate Bock

Its been a long time since I’ve reviewed something from Sam Adams. And what else could be as deserving of my next review as a recent release that was placed at eye-level in my local grocery store (sometimes I swear that they do that just for me). Shiny metallic label, dark black bottle… it called my name. My friend went down to Sam Adams for a beer dinner a few weeks ago and got to taste this at the brewery, making me exceptionally jealous. So I had to pick this up. In fact, I picked up two and gave one to another friend of mine to congratulate them on their engagement.

The pour is opaque brown/black and it seems to absorb all the light that hits it. There’s no head to speak of at all, just a black depth that resembles squid ink. Bocks are one of the oldest styles of beers, brewed to be warm and dark and often brewed for special occasions. This isn’t a particularly special occasion, but I couldn’t wait to open it because I’d heard such great things. 
The smell is like a Grade A maple syrup, its vanilla, sweet and perfect for an after Christmas dinner. The taste, too doesn’t disappoint. Those maple notes come right though, and so do some dark cocoa chocolate and vanilla tastes. This is very warming, smooth and lightly carbonated. The finish is very smooth and the chocolate lingers in your mouth for a while after the liquid is gone.
This one is a sipper, and the 750 ml bottle could easily be shared between four people in small wine glasses. This is rich without being heavy, but its certainly something for a winter’s night. I recommend it highly.  I have to say that every sip of this made me happy yet sad. Happy that it was so delicious, sad that after every sip there was less left in the glass. 
So, take it from the Beer Babe. Take your sweetheart out for a walk in the snow, and come back and sit by the fire with this, just keep a bottle waiting for a cold winter’s night.


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What do you get a beer geek for Christmas?


  1. amm002

    This recently hit the stores in the Twin Cities, and I’m planning to pick up a couple bottles. Sounds phenomenal.

  2. Dr Beer Love

    Glad to hear you liked it – I just picked up two of these bad boys yesterday at $14.99 a pop. Taking one home to Father Beer Love for Christmas (along with about 36 other beers)! Can’t wait!

  3. Jim

    Last year, the Hoosier Beer Geek crew shared a bottle of 2004 Chocolate Bock. Phenomenal stuff.

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