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Rogue – Shakespeare Stout

Ah rogue, how I love thee. 

I don’t even remeber when I picked up the Shakespeare stout, its been in my tasting fridge for a long time. The copious amounts of harvest ales and pumpkin ales may have distracted me from a few darker ones waiting in the wings.
This one pours a deep, sensuous opaque dark brown to midnight black and has a nice roasty smell. This one is what you think of when you think of a great dark beer, tempting you from the bartop, poured just right. 
This one tastes like a stout is intended to taste. Smooth, roasty and thick enough to be hearty but not thick enough to be syrupy. It leaves a malty taste in your mouth after swallowing. 
This is a classically wonderful brew. This is yet another one that if you don’t think you like dark beers, you should allow it the opportunity to woo you. A winner all around. Go Rogue.


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  1. Gerry

    Amen, Beer Babe…I stumbled upon the Rogue Brewery recently and had the pleasure of trying several of their offerings from the source. Shakespeare Stout really stood out…very, very nice.


    I am a Rogue groupie.

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