This bottle has been in my fridge for far too long. Since the end of summer, even. So, it got the vote for tasting tonight by default from the ‘get outta my fridge’ principle.

This one pours orange with a smell that could singe your nose hairs with a sting of strong, yet somehow unfamiliar hops. There seems, almost, a smell of honey, or some other kind of sticky sweetness in its aroma.

The taste, too, has a hint of something unknowable. The hops hit that I was expecting just, doesn’t show up. It threatens, and you can taste the alcohol, the malts and a hint of the hops. But for something so powerful, this finishes by gliding into oblivion instead of a punch. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike it, but I expected more hops from something that smelled like it had them. Where do they go? Where my missing socks go, I suspect.
This one isn’t bad but isn’t on my top list of IPAs I’d evacuate in a hurricane. Its just that, for something so intimidating sounding, it came up a little short.