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Fort Collins Brewing Company – Z lager

I haven’t had much from Fort Collins, perhaps due to their complete lack of proximity to New England (they’re in Colorado) but I was lucky to see this at Oliver’s in Albany. Though it is named a ‘Lager’ it is far more than a simple lager. The label features a ‘z’ burned into a piece of wood, surrounded by flames. Though I thought this was cool, I didn’t realize its significance until I read further. This, was a Rauchbier, which features malts which are roasted prior to brewing (historically over actual fire). So, because I liked the Rogue Smoke Ale (also a Rauchbier) I was excited to try this.

It pours a dark amber, with a quickly fading head. The smell is a combination of maltiness and the smell that gets left in your nostrils after a bonfire. The smokiness in the smell is quite inviting.
The taste is smooth yet smoky, a gentle caramel malt with a little bit of savory malt. The overall taste is one that is approaprite for dinner, or by itself, and is a really unique taste. There aren’t too many Rauchbiers out there, so its nice to get to taste a really good example of one. Though I’d have to have the both side by side to say which I liked better (the Rogue or the Fort Collins) I’d say that either are a treat for the beer lover, just because its a different taste than the same old wheat beers or IPAs


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  1. B.E. Earl

    I’ve tried a couple of brews from Fort Collins with mixed results. The last one I tried was their Double Chocolate Stout last week. It was okay, but not nearly in the same league as Young’s version.

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