Budweiser – American Ale

Yes, as wierd as this may be, I am reviewing this, and I’m proud to be doing it. I don’t see this beer as a threat to the craft industry, and I’ll tell you why. This does the opposite. It won’t be stealing craft beer drinkers away from great microbrews, but maybe it will prime the palate of the American beer drinker to get used to ales instead of the lagers dominating the macro breweries. 

It might be darker in color, have a different yet approachable taste for the beer drinker, and be almost like a ‘gateway’ beer into other interesting brews. For the serious beer taster, this may not be anything to write home about, but I consider it to be an interesting invitation to the beer-curious out there. So, as a beer reviewer, I’m giving a little column space to this brew. If it tempts one person to try it, or one person to break away from the lager-dominated taps, then so be it.
This one pours darker than I’d expect, a nice dark amber. It also comes with a decently foamy head. This, upon first examination, could be seen across the room by a beer babe like me as something interesting in a glass. The smell is a bit maltier than hoppy, but not that sick stale beer smell that I sometimes associate with other Bud products. The taste too, is that of a respectable ale. Nicely balanced, no aftertaste, smooth mouthfeel. 
This isn’t a beer to give a “nice attempt” or “its okay” to. It is actually a really well done ale. I’m not saying that out of pity either. I could order this with a meal and not be let down too much. For the doubters out there, at least give it a try, or hesitate before turning up your nose. 
So take it from the beer babe. If your dad, like mine, has been drinking nothing but Bud (or, worse, Bud Lite Lime – sorry Dad…) slide this across the table at him this Thanksgiving. He might just be ready for something familiar, yet tasty. You can really introduce him into the craft beer world later. Just remember, baby steps. 

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