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Stoudt’s Brewing Company – Triple

Pennyslyvanians really know how to brew beer. I have no idea why, but I’m continually impressed with what comes out of their state. I’ve never tried anything from Stoudt’s (and admittedly the name makes me always feel like I’ve typo’d the word stout). But I saw this at Oliver’s in Albany and decided to expand my tastings to american takes on Belgian styles, since I’ve seen and tasted some impressive brewings lately that rise above the typical “belgian style” ale. 

This one pours dark amber with little head. The smell is a sweet wheat and distinctively Belgian. The taste is a wonderful warmth and wheat. The smoothness and the almost syrupy consistency of this is a treat. I have to say that this is solid, inviting and delicious. I love the label, too, featuring jolly monks that look like they’re up to trouble. I would definitely get this again (though I’m not sure where to find it around here at all.)
Its been a while since I’ve reviewed anything Belgian-ish and I’m glad I did. This month I also have a few other Trippels in store, a witbier and a Belgian Winter coming up. Sounds like my fall is just beginning 🙂


Saranac (Matt Brewing Co.) Caramel Porter


Stone – Ruination IPA


  1. Most actual birewrees do not look very glamorous from the outside. This one was pretty cheerful inside and there was a nice crowd, including some adorable toddlers that were dancing to the juke box.

  2. Brian P

    I’ve been reading your reviews and I agree with you when it comes to the Stoudt’s Triple. Most of what Carol Stoudt puts out is top notch. If you enjoy high octane, bottle conditioned brew the other beers in their big beer series are the Double IPA and Fat Dog Stout. If you can find them they are worth picking up.


  3. The Beer Babe

    If I lived closer to PA I would certainly be there! I’ve added it to my beer trip list and I’ll let you know when I’m planning to head that way!

  4. Anonymous

    Eddie (Stoudt) can brew some tasty beers. We have a small stockpile of long discontinued magnums (IPA, Double Abbey, Scottish). Their double IPA is a bit too hefty to wield in any quantity (especially drinking games).

    Smooth Hoperator is tasty and has a great label.

    If you can make it to the brewery on a Saturday (2pm?), Eddie will give a brief tour where you can tell he likes his own product and drinks it in number before noon. /wink

  5. Ted

    Yup, the Triple is my favorite beer from the awesome Stoudt’s Brewery. As good as it is now I used to think it was even better when it came in the 750ml bottles some years ago. But still…tasty, tasty stuff!

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