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Saranac (Matt Brewing Co.) Caramel Porter

The way to my heart may be chocolate, but chocolate with caramel added to it is a whole other layer of bliss. So, when I saw that Saranac had made a caramel porter, I could almost taste it in my head. I eagerly brought it home and took it out this evening to try. 

My face instantly lit up into a smile when I uncapped this because the sweet sugary smell of caramel rose to my nose. It pours the color of home-made root beer with a little brown head. 
The taste is out of this world awesome. It tastes like caramel, creme brulee, dulche de leche, and wonderfulness. The taste of carmalized sugar sweeps over the tongue wihtout being dizzily sweet. You don’t feel like you’re drinking sugar, just tasting it.
This is a great dessert beer and I’d love to see someone figure out how ot make a cheesecake with it. It is fabulously smooth and never dissapoints, down to the last drop. According to their website they even use a little real caramel in the brew, and I believe it. You can’t get that kind of real caramel taste without real caramel!
One of the bad things about buying beer at beverage centers that are far away is that I never know which ones I’ll like, and don’t know which to buy a six pack of and which to bring home only two. I wish I had more of these because they’re a treat. 
This is the first Saranac brew I’ve reviewed. I also picked up their Imperial IPA which I’m hoping to try soon. I am impressed at how well this was executed. 


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  1. Mutual Fund Guru

    The Saranac Black Forest is one of my all-time favorites. Will likely be in the x-mas pack. Also, how bout some more beer babe pictures? 😉

  2. B.E. Earl

    I like the Saranac beers even with the stigma of coming from Matt Brewing Co.

    When I was in college over 20 years ago (ugh) in upstate NY, the cheapest beer you could buy was Matts. Tasted like it too!

    Anyway, coming later this month will be their seasonal Christmas variety pack. This year’s includes a Vanilla Stout (can’t wait!), an India Brown Ale and a Bohemian Pilsner to go along with some of their regular seasonal brews.

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