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Rouge – Double Dead Guy Ale

There I was, standing in line at Smiley’s with pumpkin beer in my arms. Their line, of course, has to go past the nice selection of their big bottles. Sometimes I swear they planned that for the beer geek like me who can’t turn down something new and interesting! Then, my eye catches one bright red bottle. Rogue? Double Dead Guy? Awesome. Of course I added it to my armful!
So this one has, as I mentioned, a great red bottle. I think they dipped it in a coating which is neat, and their logo for this is their typical rogue logo with two skull/crossbones on it. This is great packaging and an interesting concept. It is also dated so I’m tempted to get another to age and try next year.
This one pours a dark copper color with very little head. I smelled it and it reminded me very strongly of the Dead Guy Ale – a little bit sweeter than most ales, a little bit maltier but no bitterness, and only a pleasant alcohol note.

This one is smooth as anything and balanced. I like that the sweetness isn’t overpowering, nor is the alcohol content. I think that almost anyone could like this beer, and I really wonder what this would taste like after a year of aging. This could be a great beer to go with dinner or to share with friends. Its refined and smooth with the alcohol taste being blended seamlessly into the ale. 
I approve, big time. I would suggest that anyone seeking a nice smooth ale should go grab this one because it’s probably one of the pleasantest things I’ve tried above 7% ABV.


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  1. E'dah

    I know this is an old post, BUT you would prob be interested in knowing somthing. I’t been hard to find DDG anywhere latly bc in ’09 they stopped botteling it and only sold it by the keg. resently it has been re-released! not in the bright red bottle any more, but still DDG! On a side note, the hub and i still have a couple od the bright reds from ’09. we drank one back in Oct. it ages very well. if you find one, grab it!

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