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Rogue – Smoke Ale

Somehow I don’t think I’ll ever catch up to all the different kinds of brews Rogue comes out with. But, I’m happy as a clam to try to keep up. The Smoke Ale caught my eye at Oliver’s in Albany… one of 10 different brews I bought home this weekend. 

I decided to have chili for dinner tonight. Not the type of chili that sends you running for water, but a nice sweeter chili with a bit of smoke. This beer seemed a great sidekick to the hearty fall meal I was enjoying.
It pours cloudy and orange/amber. It is technically a Rauchbier which is a beer style that features malts which are actually roasted before brewing, which Rogue does here authentically. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. So much better than adding some smoke flavoring at the end or worse, adding something artificial. There is a lot of sediment in the bottle, which I usually make sure to stir around to taste. I know there’s differing opinions on this, but I like seeing what the sediment does to its taste. 

The smell is a bit malty and slightly smoky, and smells absolutely delicious. The smell temps me and begs me to taste it, so I do. This is a really great brew. It has a solid ale taste with a little pleasant sweet smokiness at the end of it. It doesn’t dry you out like their Chipolte does, but relaly falls into the category of being a savory smoky beer. I like this one a lot and I’d certinaly get it again. It would go great with anything smoky, anything on a barbeque and a lot of hearty meals this winter. 
I also appreciate the stories and dedications Rogue brings to the game. This one is dedicated to the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. What a better thing to celebrate now than a triumph against opression. Maybe that should be Rogue’s new slogan. Fight for something. Go Rogue.


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  1. Heff

    “SMOKE ALE” ? OMG – I’ve got to try some !

  2. Jon Beckham

    Your mention of being happy as a clam made me recall that Rogue made a clam stout, but it happens to be an oyster stout that’s no longer around:

    I’d be interested to read your take on a flight of shellfish beers!

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