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Pennichuck – The Big O Oktoberfest Lager

Pennichuck has been in my fridge a lot late, and I have been pretty satisfied with what I’ve had from them so far. When I visited their website I noticed that their Oktoberfest (named The Big “O”) had taken two medals at the Great International Beer Festival in 2007 and 2006. Pretty nifty if you ask me. So I brought this home when I saw it at Smiley’s and was happy to pick a nice fall evening to enjoy it on.

It pours with very little head and is a beautiful rich mahogany color. I have to say that’s the nicest color I’ve seen out of a beer lately. The smell is of subtle hops balanced out by some light malt. 
The taste is preceeded by the realization that the mouthfeel on this one is very silky. It feels like drinking cream on your tongue. The taste, of course, is not creamy but malty, spicy and delightfully balanced. This is the definition of what an Oktoberfest can be. It is tasty, smooth and fills the mouth with joy. I really like the delicate yet spicy balance. 
I finished this glass and immediatley wanted another. This comes in the typical large 22 oz. bottles, and would be a great choice for any fall dinner. I think this is the underdog, not often considered Oktoberfest. I can certinaly understand why it won the awards, and I think it deserves another this year!
If anyone wants to trade with me to get this, send me an email at


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  1. The Beer Babe

    Thanks for the correction and comment 🙂 I get so many big bottles of things that I often forget to check just what size they actually are.


  2. 'chuck

    Thanks for the review! By the way it is in 22 oz bottles (650 mL) not 750 mL 🙂

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