I admit, though being a huge fan of organic food, I didn’t chose this because it was organic, I saw the words ‘maple’ and ‘ale’ on the label and thought, “mmmn. mapleyummybeerness”

So, after wiping up the drool from my imagined taste of maple beer, I brought this one home. It is made with organic Maine oats and local organic Vermont Maple syrup – a kudos to these guys for using local ingredients, also a plus in my book.
It pours a cloudy mahogay with a little head with big bubbles. The smell is of maple syrup and a tiny bit of hops.. it reminds me of smelling something cooked with maple syrup, or maybe just the smell of a saphouse in spring. 

The taste was quite interesting. It had a few layers. The first layer was all beer – nice and balanced ale, the middle and end were of almost a roasty maple syrup (dark amber instead of light amber). The finish on this leaves a really pleasant maple taste. I like this, its not fake nor is it too sweet. It is a gentle reminder of fall, maple, and the saphouses that make Vermont famous. You could marinate meat in this and get a nice maple flavor out of it. Or better yet, have it with a wintry/fall meal. 
If anything, this beer is kind of a testament to the New England way of life. To sip gently, enjoy your beer, and be proud of your heritage and your own hand-harvested, family owned and boiled maple syrup.