Maybe its the advancing cold, the bitter whip of Autumn wind that’s drawing me to warmer beers, but I’ve been finding myself seeking the comfort of wheat wines and Belgians. 

The Tripel from Flying dog pours out an amber with suspended sediment, making it partially cloudy. The label features more gonzo-style drawings, this time of a three headed beastie. This three headed hound of mythology seems an appropriate name for this Tripel, having three heads and all. 

On the label: “Greetings, oh god of the barstool. In your hand resides mighty Kerberos Tripel. A Belgian-style ale so cherished that its namesake, the three-headed hellhound, sentinel of the underworld guards thy bottle. So quench thy godly self. Then ask thee barmaid to retrieve ye another. For you are most powerful and this is your bounty”

The smell on this one is of sweet malt. Its light but terribly inviting. The taste, too, is a mix of the depth of a Belgian and the nice light finish of a wit. It reminds me of the flavor of La Fin Du Monde from Unibroue with a bit of lightness infused through it – like the airy delicacy of chocolate mousse given by the introduction of air. This is a really light and crisp – something that isn’t typically said of Belgians. Belgians, especially Tripels tend to be heavy and thick, which is part of their character, and makes it difficult to enjoy more than one in a sitting. Flying Dog, though has accomplished something fun here – a Belgian style true to form yet light enough to enjoy several and introduce others to the unique taste. 
I really like the clean feeling that this beer gives – even at 8.5% ABV. It is not nearly as scary as the label would suggest, but it is instead perhaps worthy of being guarded by such a beastie.