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Allagash Black – Belgian Style Stout

Allagash is one of those breweries I’ve been seeing more of lately. They’ve been creeping into my favorite bevys, showing up on tap at my favorite pizza places. I’ve had their white and thought it was great, and then I saw the bottle of black. Simple black label. Simple name. Simple dark beer.

This one pours, well, black! The head is chocolate brown in color, and nice and thin with tiny bubbles. The smell is malty and chocolatey and maybe a tiny bit of vanilla. 
The taste is deliciously smooth and deep. The malty chocolatey roasty taste just washes over you like a wave. The finish isn’t the least bit bitter, nor is it drying. It is smooth and silky. It isn’t your typical stout because its made with belgian hops, and I think that adds to its character signficantly. 
This is making the list of my favorite dark beers, that started with Heresy from Weyerbacher. I think this is a fabulous offering from this brewery. I need to get up there to visit their brewery. They’re not that far from me over there in Maine. 


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  1. Anonymous

    Not bad. I am drinking one now. I think its a bit over carbonated. If you like Belgian darks, try the Ommegang Belgian style ale. Very tasty, made by Duval

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