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Woodstock Inn Brewery – Autumn Ale Brew

Pumpkin flavor, whether it be in pie, beer, chai, whoopie pies or what have you, is one of my favorite flavors of all time. This time of year, it’s everywhere. In a few weeks I’ll be reviewing a series of pumpkin beers together in a similar fashion to the blueberry ales of the summertime. However, this brew is something altogether different.

This beer features a label that looks like pumpkin headed people stirring a witch’s brew cauldron, but upon further inspection is not pumpkins that make up their heads, but apples. A beautiful seasonal label, and an interesting premise. Apples also fulfill the same autumn spiciness that I have come to seek out when the leaves begin to rustle and the moon changes to an eerie yellow. It is an ale with “apple and cinnamon flavor” that I just had to try. 

The color is that of a dark red ale, with little head but a strong smell. The smell is at first cinnamon, then apple, very literally if I might say so myself. I feel like I have in front of me a baked apple with a lot of cinnamon melted and oozing over the top of it. Needless to say, I was eager to try this one.

The taste is altogether different than anything I’ve had – fall beer or not. The taste sticks with the sentiment of the cinnamon, almost so much so that you feel like your mouth is dried a little by it, but with a really distinct sweet/spicy blend that you’d expect to smell and taste when you come home to a pie in the oven. There’s little beer character here, but it seems like a magical witch’s brew instead. I could see myself drinking this at night with the lights out, watching the moon rise.
This one, unfortunately may end up being labeled as a gimmick beer, but I really have to say that it takes me somewhere that other ‘harvest’ ales don’t go. The taste is very easy to pick out as being cinnamon and apples, so its not subtle or lost on most drinkers. Additionally, though the flavors are strong and bold they’re also pleasant, so its not fake or off-putting in any way. 
I’d urge anyone that’s a fan of all things fall to take a dive and give this one a try. I’m not sure if I could drink ten of these in a row (who would want to?) but one on an especially wicked night (I’m thinking samhain or all hallow’s eve) might be just the thing.


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  1. B.E. Earl

    There’s a nice nip in the air this afternoon (61 degrees at 3PM) and it supposed to get down into the 40’s this evening.

    I think I need to take a trip to the beverage store. 😉

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