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Weyerbacher – Slam Dunkel

After trying a lot of IPAs lately, I wanted just a little reprieve from bitterness. On the back shelf where the tall bottles are laying in wait, and one tempted me with its name. It’s a double dunkelweizen – something I haven’t had before, but I’ve had a regular dunkelweizen and decided that I’d like to give Weyerbacher’s interpretation of it a go.

It poured nice and dark brown with considerable head, and smelled only very faintly of wheat. The taste, though, is a wonderful treat.

It warms your mouth and has very little carbonation, just a sweet warmth of wheat and a smooth feel. This is like a very good dubbel, and reminds me a bit of La Terrible, though I think this is smoother. This is a refined beer, but one that almost anyone can appreciate so being different, special and delicious.

This one also has a bit of alcohol punch, which I suspect is where the “warmth” is originating. Its a 7% ABV brew, and according to Weyerbacher’s website, this was first released as a small batch, but the response was so enthusiastic that they decided to brew it each year.  

This one would be a great pair to go with some bleu cheese and pears in a salad. I have to say, I’d buy this again if I saw it. It’s also a great one to throw in the mix for a Belgian inspired tasting that’s actually made by American brewing companies.


Middle Ages Brewing Company – Wailing Wench


Portsmouth NH Beer Adventure – Red Hook Brewery

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  1. B.E. Earl

    I don’t know if I’ve ever tried a dunkelweizen. I mean, probably. I had to have tried just about everything by now, but I can’t think of one right now.

    I do love Weyerbacher though. And that is one of the breweries my girlfriend represents, so I’m gonna hit her up for some samples! 😉

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