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Rogue – Dry Hopped St. Rogue Red Ale

They say that reinventing the wheel might be a little excessive, but I really do like it when a brewing company decides to play with traditional beer styles. I’ve never head of a red ale that would benefit from dry hoping, and it stuck out among the tons of other Rogue brews at the bevy because it was like two good things coming together in one bottle.

It turns out, too, that this one has won a few awards. In the 2006 Celebration of Suds it won for the best amber (and truly I’ve never had an amber ale that comes close to that many hops). In 2006 in New Zeland, it also won a bronze medal, and a silver was scooped up at the World Beer Championships.

This one’s color is great – very red, thick and a little cloudy, but a good head and a great smell. I could smell the hops with the distinct ale character too.

The best way to describe the taste of this one is that it’s a subdued IPA, with all the flavors of the IPA minus the extreme hop flavor. The dry hopping brings out the hops in the beginning of the taste, but the ale and malts kind of take over at the end making this mild and enjoyable.

Oh, and as a side note, the “dedication” for this brew is priceless:

Behind great beer there is a brewer, and behind great beef there is a bull. Fukutsuru (Fuku to his friends) is that bull. Ranked the top marbling bull in the U.S., Fuku is a Japanese Wagyu bull whose offspring produce premium grade American Kobe Beef that is served with St. Rogue Red. Over 50,000 units of Fuku’s pride is in the freezer for future breeding. In his final days, Fuku was given the opportunity to “socialize” with some fine, young cows. Instead, he chose to take a nap. We dedicate this beer to Fuku — a rogue to the very end.


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  1. Mike

    This is not only the best red ale or best Rogue but it is the best beer on the planet! A thick, cloudy red ale that is delicious, sophisticated and not over powered by the hops. Highly recommended!

  2. Jamoosh

    St. Arnold (Houston) makes an excellent Amber that is nicely hopped. If you ever find yourself in Texas, ask for it.

  3. Ted

    Cool blog! (Like your pics too :o)Found it thru Beer-Stained Letter. Luv Rogue…remember their”Mogul Ale”??? Yum!

  4. a beer sort of girl

    I heart Rogue, almost anything.

  5. e.s. delia

    I seem to love nearly any beer that uses the dry hopping technique or shoots for the whole “fall harvest fresh hop” experience. Give me a mellow, floral sipper over a bitingly bitter hop-bomb any day.

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