Yep. Put a busty beer babe on the label… give it a sexy name like Wailing Wench, and it draws my attention without fail. Have no fear, I am not here to launch a feminist rant. Sexual innuendo is fun, after all! Frankly, I think that if you can’t have fun with your brews, you’ve already lost the game.

I picked this one tonight because I am gong to a party this weekend, a Pirates vs. Ninjas party. I finally found an awesome, authentic skirt, and wenchy top, put the whole outfit together and was quite pleased. I may post a picture if I can convince someone to take one at the party.

This one is an ale, and the reason the wench is wailing is from the hops. I like this one because it has a really pleasant hop note on top of an already great ale taste. Its dark copper brown, smells like a sweet well-balanced ale. I believe I could drink these all night and be happy. It’s got everything I want in it. Hops, malt, balance, taste, strength. A fellow twitterer told me he’s had this on cask at a bar in Albany, and I can only imagine how wonderful this would taste then.

I think I’ve said this before. But I’m not sure. I grew up in Syracuse NY, left when I was 20 and permanently moved to NH. I never knew what I was missing from my own hometown’s brewery! Turns out the brewery is aroudt he corner from where I took my driver’s test (twice.) I’ve had a few brews from Middle Ages now, and I really like what I’ve had. I am eager to do a tasting the next time I go back to my hometown.

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  1. Too bad it isn’t around here in Colorado (yet). I’d probably buy it just for the novelty of the label.

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