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Middle Ages Brewing Company – Wailing Wench

Yep. Put a busty beer babe on the label… give it a sexy name like Wailing Wench, and it draws my attention without fail. Have no fear, I am not here to launch a feminist rant. Sexual innuendo is fun, after all! Frankly, I think that if you can’t have fun with your brews, you’ve already lost the game.

I picked this one tonight because I am gong to a party this weekend, a Pirates vs. Ninjas party. I finally found an awesome, authentic skirt, and wenchy top, put the whole outfit together and was quite pleased. I may post a picture if I can convince someone to take one at the party.

This one is an ale, and the reason the wench is wailing is from the hops. I like this one because it has a really pleasant hop note on top of an already great ale taste. Its dark copper brown, smells like a sweet well-balanced ale. I believe I could drink these all night and be happy. It’s got everything I want in it. Hops, malt, balance, taste, strength. A fellow twitterer told me he’s had this on cask at a bar in Albany, and I can only imagine how wonderful this would taste then.

I think I’ve said this before. But I’m not sure. I grew up in Syracuse NY, left when I was 20 and permanently moved to NH. I never knew what I was missing from my own hometown’s brewery! Turns out the brewery is aroudt he corner from where I took my driver’s test (twice.) I’ve had a few brews from Middle Ages now, and I really like what I’ve had. I am eager to do a tasting the next time I go back to my hometown.


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  1. Heff

    I have GOT to get a bottle of that !

  2. Chipper Dave

    Too bad it isn’t around here in Colorado (yet). I’d probably buy it just for the novelty of the label.

  3. B.E. Earl

    Upstate NY is home to more and more great breweries all the time, it seems.

    I’m gonna look out for it.

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