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Pennichuck – Shouboushi Ginger Pilsner

Pining for the Left Hand Juju Ginger lately, I was pleasantly surprised to see this Ginger Pilsner on the shelf from my new foray into Pennichuck brewing company’s line. Named, as their other brews are, for the Japanese word for firefighter, this one has a nice bamboo label that stood out from the rest of the 650 ml bottles it sat innocently next to.

As I was pouring it, I think I realized that I’d never reviewed a pilsner on the Beer Babe, and I’m not sure why. I think that I am a flavor addict, and there is something so thin, so wispy about a pilsner that I didn’t think I would be wowed by any pilsner, no matter how good. I did realize though that I hadn’t actually seen a pilsner in a while, and I was surprised at this one as it came out light orange, not transparent yellow as I had imagined it would.

The smell is interesting, and very similar to the juju ginger – clean, spicy, light. The taste, too has a light bite to it. I like where the ginger sits in this one. It contributes to the crispness of the brew without being distracting or tasting literally like ginger. I enjoyed this beer with a seafood salad and it seemed to go well. I think something made with lemongrass or basil. The flavor in this one seems to move itself out of the category of Pilsner in my mind.

I’m quite happy with this especially if I can’t get my hand on the juju ginger again. I have to say, the guys at Pennechuck are continuing to make me raise an eyebrow.


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