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Pennichuck Brewing Company – Saint Florian Doppelbock Lager

For those of you unfamiliar with Pennichuck Brewing Company, they’re a NH brewery that is making a mark lately, and you might be hearing about them soon. They’re about 2 years old and doing well, though their website is in need of a little TLC.

Most of the time their beers are named relating to firefighting, which is due to the fact that the company is owned by an EMT/Firefighter. Furthermore, a portion of corporate profits end up helping to fund local fire departments train and get better equipment, which I find quite cool. My little brother is a firefighter and EMT, too, so I was kind of intrigued when I saw a whole line of new bottles at my local beverage store. I was surprised to see that they were from NH, for whatever reason I thought I knew of all the brewing companies in NH, but apparently not!

So for this one I tried the Saint Florian – who, according to the bottle is the patron saint of firefighters. It’s also a doppelbock, which was originally brewed by monks to be heavy and bread-like to sustain them through their fasting at Lent. A dopplebock is a very malty beer and this one pours out dark with a yellowy head.

The smell is very light and there isn’t much there except for the malts, and that’s probably a good thing. On tasting it’s a very pleasant malt, not sweet or heavy. It is filling, and I found myself drinking it slowly, but my sipping speed decreases with an increase in darkness. Its smooth and malty, but not very punchy with flavor. I do think it would be a nice pair for a roast chicken or some other autumn dinner, its a bit too filling for me today in August.

Worth a taste, certainly, and I’m curious about the rest of their line for sure.