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Flying Dog – Double Dog Double Pale Ale

My friend recommended this beer to me with a warning. You better review this in a small glass, he said, or you’ll be too sloshed by the end of it to type. At 11.5% ABV, he wasn’t kidding. I’ve tried a few Flying Dog brews before, and eagerly took this one on after a long day of work and thinking, I honestly wouldn’t mind being a little out of it after the bottle is finished.

This double pale ale is brimming with hops that you can smell even as you’re removing the cap from the bottle. It pours a decently dark, semi-opaque orange/copper. When they refer to this as a double pale ale, I’m assuming – perhaps incorrectly – that its an IPA, but whatever it is it is absolutely hop centric. The text on the bottle label talks about how bitter the ale would be, if not for the “courtesy to finish you off with a well balanced rich and full body complete with a hint of sweetness.”

So, before i started typing I admit to downing a quarter of the glass. It tastes hoppy and bitter for the beginning of the brew, but fades gently instead of burning a hole in your tongue with the hops. I’m not sure HOW they do this but it makes it a pale ale that kicks your butt, then apologizes. I really like the feeling it leaves in your mouth after a sip; leaves you’re begging for a bit more.

This is definitely a quality tasting experience that only comes with experience and brewing knowledge that Flying Dog can have. Their small batch stuff has impressed me so far, and I’d go as far to say that they’re moving up in my list of favorite breweries.


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  1. Bo Carlson

    Hey Babe! Double Dog has become my everyday drinker now. What balance and sweetness on the finish.

  2. Chipper Dave

    I’m always up to a challenge. I’m going to try this one. If not for the powerful experience but also to stock some away and see how this one ages.

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