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My mom used to only drink Bud Light. However, after a brief education from the family she’s branched out into other beers with a lot more flavor. The side effect of this? She recently got a new puppy and decided to name her Guinness, because she’s black and brown, much like that famous Irish brew. She had originally wanted to name the dog Stella, but the coloring was just all off.

Here’s a picture of my boyfriend Mike holding Guinness – in this picture she’s only 4 months old, and has a lot of growing left to do. She’s going to be BIG.

This isn’t uncommon, as there are a lot of brews that feature dogs as mascots, labels or names. Like Smuttynose’s Old Brown Dog, BluePaw Blueberry, Flying Dog, etc. So why shouldn’t the reverse be true?

So on my way home from Long Island I decided to think up other good beer-based names to name a dog. Suggestions are welcome!

-Sam (for Sam Adams)
-Hoptimus Prime

Naming your dog after your favorite beer is in my opinion cute and creative, especially if the name is of your favorite craft beer or brewer. I’ve met a few people in my lifetime who’ve named their dog after their favorite brew and I think it’s neat. Dogs come in various colors of brown, so its fitting that they’d go well with beer names.

(I also ran into a cat once at a brewery named “Bud Light”)

For now, we’re welcoming Guiness into the family and trying to keep her out of trouble, a huge task indeed!


Bar Harbor Brewing Company – True Blue


Pennichuck – Pompier


  1. Sue

    Our Dogs name is Murphy, after Murphy’s Irish Stout. He’s a black Giant Schnauzer and his name is just fitting.

  2. Roy

    We have a Australian Shepherd. He is a Blue Merle. His coat is black white and a real pretty deep gray. The way that the black and white mix with the gray it looks like a bright silver. Looks like my favorite beverage an ice cold Coors Lite. So the name Coors stuck. We get lots of complements on the originality of that name

  3. Roe

    We’ve a siamese cat named Yeungling, (PA) and are picking up a puppy tomorrow. We want to stick with the beer theme, but already have had a Hoppy & Porter (even a Drambuie). A family member has Stella. I like the Abita & Killian suggestion, but am leaning towards Smithwick’s and shortening the name to Smitty.

  4. Anonymous

    In our family we have or have had:
    – Porter
    – Stella
    – Guiness
    – Foster
    – Bristol (Brewery)
    – Schilling (Odoul Brewery, 90 Schilling)

    Looking for a new one now, so thanks for the ideas.

  5. Anonymous

    I had Hops & Barley – greatest pair of dogs EVER!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Since I was a child, my dogs have been named after some sort of alcoholic beverage. Our two beagle muts were named Martini and Rossi (the folks were drinking martinis when we "adopted" these two wayward souls)

    When I was in college, my roomate was given a puppy from his parents following the demise of his lab. This flat coated retriever mix was, by far the best dog I have ever had. Well, during a drunken binge around the Weber campfire we decided to name the dog "Oly" after Olympia beer here in Washington. Hence, the naming convention stuck.

    My next pooch, a pure Flat coat, was subsequently named "Roggen" after Thomas Kemper's Roggen Rye. The name fit as he was a staunch supporter of Dog Rights and hated the Man coming down on him – that is unless a tennis, base, wiffle, or any kind of ball, or treat or neck scratch, or whatever came his way. Just a great elegant dog.

    Now, this gets me to Killian (breed is a mix of Irish Setter and Newfoundland), my current dog. A happy soul, will drink a beer with you, and is just as happy sitting around and BSing with his kisses and nuzzles.

    Goes to show you a dog resembles their name. So take care and pick the right beer!

    We are currently looking at getting another pooch and I am proud to say that I will take my two boys (10 & 6) along with my wife and I to peruse the beer isle for the next perfect name.

  7. Hollyn

    My beer-dog is named Killian. She’s a Weimaraner. Her registered name is actually Killian’s American Gray (a play on Killian’s Irish Red). I am currently researching names for my new puppy. Thanks for the list! 🙂

  8. Dr Beer Love

    I’d say Surly would be good. Top dog names tend to end in the “e” sound it seems, speaking as someone who has dogs named Ani and Vivi.

  9. vgrid


  10. The Beerbuddha

    My wife and I used to have a dog named Abita.

  11. Rob

    Our brewdog’s name is Sierra…

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