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Bar Harbor Brewing Company – True Blue

*Note, this brew is not to be confused with the Atlantic Brewing Company’s Bar Harbor Blueberry. It’s ok, I did a double take too.

Wild Maine blueberries are at their peak this month, and I’ve picked some wild ones growing on the stray trails where I worked – a special summer treat. New Englanders are very protective of their wild blueberries, and I only wish I had a few to drop into this beer while trying it (similar to how it has been served to me at The Portsmouth Brewery and Salem Beer Works.)

While uncapping this bottle with a big blue label, I didn’t even have to focus on the blueberry smell that met my nose, even before I started to pour it. It poured darker than I’d ever seen a blueberry ale pour before, and it looked, if not for the smell, just like a brown ale. There was little head when I poured it, just a lot of blueberry smell.

This one is certainly different than what I’ve reviewed so far. This tastes bitter and brown, with a little bit of blueberry tartness. This is a very malty brew with only a touch of sweetness added by the blueberries. It actually struck me as a little too bitter for such a sweet/sour ingredient. It is different, and on the spectrum of blues that I made for an earlier post, I’d almost have to add an other axis for maltiness, because it isn’t that its sour, it just tastes toasty and with very little blueberry to speak of. The blueberry comes out right in the end, and after a decent sized gulp it stays on the tongue for a long while.

On blues as a whole, I think I am more of a fan of the sweeter ones. There’s something about sitting on the deck, sipping a sweet blueberry wheat (like a Sunset Wheat) that just reminds me of summer.


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  1. mike

    i like the bar harbor blueberry better than sea dog’s. bar harbor has more bite (more hop bitterness).

    if you make it down to Strange Brew in Manchester, you can get either with blueberries in it (i guess it depends whether they have any blueberries in house or not). it’s nice when you know they’re there – it’s a bit of a surprise when you miss them hiding beneath the beer’s head and wonder “what the heck is that? oh, blueberry.”

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