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Brooklyn Brewery – Pennant Ale ’55

If there’s one thing about graphic design that I know, its that, no matter what you design there are always multiple layers of meaning. For several years, I’ve passed up Brooklyn Brewery products on the shelves because of their simple, cartoony logo. It cried out New York baseball, which, in New Hampshire, “we don’t take too kindly to” round here (cough, Red Sox, cough, cough). In fact, it was designed by the guy who invented the I Love NY campaign. But, there is something to be said about home town pride. This brew, the Pennant Ale, commemorates the 1955 victory of the Brooklyn Dodgers. This brewing company represents fierce Brooklyn loyalty,which, when expanded to a national market doesn’t always translate. But after trying the Local 1, I had to try to crack into that Brooklyn spirit and see what was brewing.

This one poured a lot darker than I expected it – nice coppery. It’s a pale ale right? Well, this is a different style of pale all altogether. This is an English pale ale, so named because it wasn’t as dark as most of the ales historically brewed in England. The scent on this one is tricky and different. Sweet but not hoppy, malty but not heavy. It smelled, well, yummy!

The taste is a challenge to describe because it is so fleeting. It is very pleasant and crisp, but still thick and satisfying in the mouth. As it got warmer I got to taste some of the almost smoky/toasty flavors of some of the different hops used. I like this one because it has a nice character to it – more than your typical ale. I think that it has a great malt flavor to it, and has a lot of different hops swirling around in your mouth when you drink it. I think it would make a great classic for barbeques, tailgating or even, dare I say it, a Red Sox game?

Isn’t it time for us to move beyond AB, Miller and Corona at the game? This ale is great, likeable and complex, something we don’t get from the big four in plastic cups at the game. I’m not sure if Boston is ready to take on something with so much New York roots, but I’d love to have one of these before a Fisher Cats game.

Batter up!


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  1. The Foaming Head

    Two NY beers in a row for the beer babe.

  2. Beerbuddha

    Brooklyn makes some great beer but I lived in RI for a little while so…GO RED SOX!

    The Beerbuddha

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