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So today is the 1 year anniversary of the creation of this blog. I actually committed to doing this project and have stuck with it. It has been wicked fun so far and I’ve made a few good friends in the blogosphere. People seem to get a kick out of my honesty, and I promise to keep it that way.

I wanted to tell you a quick funny story about the first review that I ever did for the site, and why it inspired the site’s entire creation.

I was at a little place in Durham, NH that specializes in ridiculously hot chicken wings (their vapors are the equivalent of tear gas when you order the ‘way hot’ versions). There, on tap, I saw Red Hook’s Longhammer IPA, that had just been released. I decided to try that instead of the “big four” that are on every tap handle in Durham – Coors, Coors Light, Bud, Bud Light – that were my only other options.

So, I got the beer poured into a plastic cup (classy) and sat down to drink it. I was at first concerned because of its thin, pale color, and distinctly NOT IPA smell. I thought, hey, maybe I’m just not picking it up because of all the hot sauces around. I tasted it and immediately pulled out a pen. “This is, by far, the palest, most tasteless IPA I have ever tried in my life. It has a thin sourness to it which takes away from the flavor, there are no hops whatsoever…” I continued to rant and had completely written off the beer. I didn’t do anything with that review as I was just keeping notes for myself at that time.

A few weeks later, I went to the Red Hook Brewpub in Portsmouth, NH. On the wall there were posters describing Longhammer and I thought, there is no way that the beer that I tasted could be described the way they were saying, even if they were trying to put a good spin on it.

So I took a chance, and ordered the beer, hoping that it would taste at least a little better coming straight from the brewery tap.

I was floored by how good it was.

I began to realize that the beer that they had poured me in Durham was NOT Longhammer, but that the tap lines must have been switched. I was trying to review a Bud or Coors and trying to fit it into the description of it being a strong IPA. No wonder I hated it so much! I immediately created the blog so that I could share some of my experiences (good and bad) of tasting beer, and ultimately to be able to describe beer to others who had never gone beyond the big four in their tasting experiences.

Its been a fun ride and I’m looking forward to the next year!


Hats, Hops and Paws? Oh my.


Stone IPA


  1. LazyTcrochet

    Great story. Yes IPA has an especially-recognizable taste. Congrats on your blogaversary. I am celebrating mine also!

  2. J. Song

    Congratulations on your one-year anniversary! I hope you continue to post for many more.


    Joon S.

  3. Chipper Dave

    I’ve come to realize that a bad beer review in the past is worth a second chance. When I started my blog I panned a few beers that I thought just weren’t worthy of the hype. However, I recently revisited a couple of those beers and my experience was totally different. I think my tastes have changed over time. Your experience sounds like it could have been a “switch” that happened. If it tasted totally different then perhaps it was a different beer the first time.

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