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Stone IPA

You know you’re a beer reviewer when you start to hear whispers in the wind about certain beers. Where a beer’s reputation and popularity is something you’ve noticed without even trying it. So is the case for the Stone Brewing Company’s IPA. I’ve seen this one lurking at friend’s places, seen it appear in corner beer stores, and on tap at some of my beer haunts and bars. So, naturally, I had to check it out.

This one pours semi-opaque and orange, a good sign for an IPA in my humble opionion. The smell is fruity and not at all grassy, it has a sweet burbon smell that is probably coming from the alcohol content – where this beer is not shy – at 6.9% ABV.

The taste is strong but smooth – without that banging sharpness some IPAs have as their hallmark. This one is brighter and sweeter than a lot of IPAs I’ve tried and seems to fit well as a summery beer. This is a good example of a strong, solid IPA that isn’t too extreme to be brought to a party or barbecue.

I should probably mention that this one has been in my refrigerator for close to six months, so I may have unintentionally aged it. At least, in the beer universe, a little procrastination when it comes to an IPA isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I would, like the beer lovers around me, encourage you to take notice of this brewery. It seems like it has the right idea when it comes to brewing. And honestly, to see a West Coast beer causing a stir in the East means that there’s something to it. Check it out!


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  1. Chipper Dave

    I’m becoming a real Stone Brewing fan. I’ve tried their Arrogant Bastard and their Imperial Russian Stout. Quite the experience! I’ll definitely try their IPA next.

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