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Arcadia Ales – Big Dick’s Olde Ale

This one, I’m not going to lie, I bought entirely for its name.

I relished in the number of puns that I would be able to make while tasting it. The beer babe is apparently not above the occasional penis joke.

“Would you pour the Big Dick into a glass please?”

“Mmn, this is some fine Big Dick.”

So, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system… onto the actual review.

This beer, according to the label is both 8% ABV and a “Liquid Tribute to Richard the Lion Hearted” I couldn’t find any additional information on their website about it, and about who it is they have dressed in armor on the bottle. I did think it was an interesting take for a brewing company in Michigan to be taking on only British Style Ales – even brewing them in authentic British Equipment.

This one pours an oak brown color, but surprisingly opaque with big bubbles like cola. The smell is malty and syrupy, the taste follows suit. It’s both sweet and somehow smoky It is an ale that reminds me slightly of the raisin-like Raison D’Etre by Dogfish Head. Predictably this has plenty of sediment and yeast. Its an interesting one that hit me pretty quickly with the alcohol content (my spell check is very angry with my buzzed typing) and it is another ale that has the characteristc warming that would go with a hearty winter meal. You could reserve this one on your shelf for a long English winter.


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  1. Dondon

    You guys really want that big dicks eh…Yup, he really looks like Freddie Prince Jr.

  2. Anonymous

    You forgot the most obvious pun:


  3. J. Song

    Is it just me, or does that knight on the label look like Freddie Prinze, Jr.?

    Joon S.

  4. LazyTcrochet

    I can’t wait to try a Big Dick too!
    Seriously, stop by and see what we were drinking. thanks!

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