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Weyerbacher – Merry Monks’ Belgian Style Ale

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a couple times. I generally like them, but beer labeled as being a “Belgian Style Ale” is just such a generic term – the results are so variable. I mean, Blue Moon** is a “Belgian Style Ale” and it hardly tastes like something you would pair with some kind of Parisian Lunch, or impress someone with. Sometimes, they’re great, and sometimes they’re just a bit cloudier and wheatier than everything else.

Not so, with Weyerbacher’s Merry Monks’ Belgian Style Ale. Its warm, wheaty, smooth and high in alcohol content. It’s also quite clear (not cloudy) so I suspect its filtered, but it doesn’t take anything away from the flavor. The brewing vessels and bottles are conditioned with a little sugar to give it that sweet, sharp taste.

On the bottle it says it could be aged too, and I suspect that in a few years it could taste as potent as something like La Terrible.

It does retain some sharpness to its taste and only gets better as it warms. I wouldn’t serve this ice cold if I were you, especially if you were trying to impress a girl. But its not good totally warm. I’d say, open the bottle, then take the time to cut up some cheese or a beautiful roast turkey, then enjoy it.

**Do not, in any way get me wrong – I actually really like Blue Moon with a twist of lemon or orange and it was one of the first non-mainstream beers that I ever ran into.


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